13th International E.M.E. Conference

"Piero Moroni I5TDJ"

Florence, August 8th - 10th , 2008



- System components

OM6AA   - Prime-Focus Feed for 10 GHz.
N2UO       - Computer Optimized Dual Mode Circularly Polarized Feedhorn.
F1EHN     - Photo database of EME antennas with their exact location.
N9JIM      - Presentation about the Jamesburg Earth Station.
PA3FXB   - Presentation about the Dwingeloo 25 mt. Dish.
JH1KRC  - Moon Bounce Experiment With A 32m KDDI Cassegrain Antenna --"8N1EME Project Big Dish"
G4DDK    - VLNA pre-ampli 23/13/9 cm.
PA3CSG  - You worked everybody on 144 MHz EME so try 432 MHz EME! (Aka What is different on 432 MHz EME?)
OE5JFL   - A 1296 MHz. EME beacon
WW2R     - Backyard Microwave EME - Independent receive for the DB6NT MKU23G2
IK5WJD  - Remote Ham Radio Station. How to do it?
IK5NTH  - Telecontrol for radioamateur use.
- Some radio-source data. - Moon Calendar 2009. - Moon Calendar 2010.

 - EME on 24-47 GHz and beyond

G4HUP   - Direct Frequency Synthesis for 47GHz Transceivers.
W5LUA  - 24 and 47 GHz EME activity by W5LUA and VE4MA.
W5LUA  - Mutual Doppler.

- Lab equipment

K6JEY  - Measuring sun noise with an HP 400FL AC voltmeter.
I5SXN   - Measuring noise figure.

- EME Dxpeditions past and future

K2UYH    - . ARUBA EME DXpedition
W5LUA    - 1296 WAS Expeditions by W5LUA and WA5WCP.
DL1YMK - EME DXpedition to CX - May 2008
EA3XU     ED3DXU - EME 144 MHz. Expedition 9,10 February 2008 DUBUS & REF Contest JT65

- Radio-astronomy research using EME equipment

K6JE - Update on the OVRO ( Owens Valley Radio Observatory) project.
I0KPT - ESMO - European Student Moon Orbiter - and the EME ham-stations partecipation in the Bistatic RADAR experiment.
Karl –Heinz Mack- Technical developments at IRA‐INAF.A mirror of the future of radio astronomy
I4AOR - Radioastronomy and Amateur Radio services:common challenges toward top levels in technical knowledge, system sensitivities and social compatibility.

- EME and software radio

WA6KBL - New Developments in Winrad and software defined receivers.
IV3NWV  - Some notes on the performance of wideband sampling receivers for E.M.E. operations.

- Digital modes

DJ5HG - The Cat and the Squirrel:Fundamentals of Communication, overview on basic principles of digital communication.
K1JT    - Quest for Optimum Coding and Modulation Schemes for EME
IW4CJM - Writing on the Moon. If you want download the program Alice CLICK HERE
IK2DDR  - CONTESTS, AWARDS and DXCC separation, between CW and DIGITAL on VHF-UHF-SHF

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